The mission

The job board market is still very traditional, with little improvements in recent decades. Job search is generally experienced as disappointing, boring and time consuming. Otellu changes that. How can you enjoy finding a suitable job or candidates? Let's make your future work is our drive to significantly improve search & match results with search technology of the future. We also make searching easier and more fun, without you getting lost. As a learning, curious organization, we go further in our path to provide the most enjoyable experience to our users.

Meet the Founders

Also called "the Dream Team". Unlike other job boards, it is not recruiters but developers who make up the service. Day in and day out, we are busy developing the coolest features, refining our algorithm, and optimizing the platform. To ensure that you always find your dream job, in a fun and fast way!

  • Yuri

    A.I. Engineer

    A.I. engineer. Focussing on the back-end and machine learning. Loves playing guitar and making music with his band. In the weekend you can find him with his friend enjoying a good beer.

  • Zenno


    Full stack developer. Focussing on product development. Has got a real hip hop heart and loves going to concerts. Zenno is also a great football player.

  • Steye

    Business Development

    Focussing on business development and the commercial side. Enjoys a good terrace in the sun and playing sports with his friends.

Our algorithm understands your job.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is the pure core of Otellu's search engine technology. Our algorithm (cool concept, huh?) independently solves choices in the huge amount of data of daily incoming vacancies from which the most suitable matches are classified. Our algorithm is not misled by foreign words in job postings or unusual job or job titles. Otellu is the first job site to come closest to human searches with this smart technology.

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