The new cool way

Is looking for a job boring and taking too long? At Otellu you are looking for your job in the new way. With more perfect matches in no time. Check below how we do it differently!

New jobs rock

We have never even heard of some job titles. For example robot mechanic or drone pilot. At Otellu, we continue to lead the way with new cool job titles and developments on the labor market. Stay tuned!

Why Otellu?

With Otellu, searching for vacancies is effective and fun again! We do this with the hottest match technology. For you, as a new generation looking for work. And, because you are really done with the traditional job boards. Let's make your future work.

Our cool algorithm

The system behind Otellu is smarter than the smartest. We are the very first job site to be developed entirely on the principle of artificial intelligence. This means that your search will find considerably more suitable vacancies. That even gives 80% better results than on all other job boards. Check it out and make searching a party!

Match made in heaven

We think that applying for a dream job is not always enough. The success of a successful match has two sides. Namely yours and the employer's. Do you fit well with the team or the corporate culture? A mini test answers. The employer can opt for this in a request for this test, based on your application. Wait and see!

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