1. General

This privacy, cookie, and email policy applies to any site visit to the www.otellu.work website and any agreement with Otellu. Otellu complies with the General Data Protection Regulation, collects and processes, where applicable, personal data under the law and this privacy policy. Otellu can change this privacy, cookie and email policy at any time. The last changes were made in April 2020.

2. Purpose: Personal data and term

In order to implement and improve the services of Otellu, and to improve the website and applications, Otellu collects your personal data as requested on the website www.otellu.work. Otellu processes your data to implement and improve the services of Otellu, and to improve the website and applications. Otellu does not store your personal data longer than is necessary for the performance of its services or as long as Otellu is required by law.

3. Profile

The profile is a protected, non-public storage environment within Otellu where you can save (upload) personal documents that may be of use to you during the application process. The information in the profile is personal and owned by the user of this application and will never be given, viewed or disclosed to third parties without permission. The user of the profile is solely responsible for the stored documents, the truth and current events. The user is also responsible for providing documents and data from the profile to third parties. The protection of the profile is performed by certified security software and is located behind the registration section that is not accessible to third parties.

4. No information sharing

Otellu does not share your personal data with third parties, except when Otellu has your permission or when this results from an obligation under the law.

5. Security

Otellu ensures a secure server to store your personal data. Only Otellu has access to your personal data and is only made available to third parties who are involved in the performance of its services. As soon as you log in to our site as a registered customer, a secure connection is established. All data that is subsequently exchanged between our site is therefore illegible for others. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is used for this secure connection. This is a security technique that ensures that all data between your computer and our website is encrypted. As a result, your data will all be recognized by your computer and the Invender computer. As soon as an SSL connection is established, a closed padlock will appear in your browser. By hovering over this closed padlock, you can see which coding strength we use.

6. Privacy policy of third parties

Pages of third parties that Otellu links to, partners of Otellu and / or banners on Otellu are not covered by Otellu's privacy statement. These third parties have an independent privacy policy.

7. Cookies

Otellu uses cookies to improve your online experience and that of others. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by the internet browser. For example, these cookies remember that you are logged in or have been on certain pages. You can also disable these cookies on your internet browser.

8. E-mail policy

Your e-mail address is required when registering, for confirmation of your registration, deregistration or renewing your password. Otellu sends important notices about the use, changes or service of Otelly by email to the users. Otellu can use your e-mail address for your own e-mail marketing. Otellu can contact you via email with questions about use and / or customer satisfaction with the aim of better providing you and others with the service.

9. Request and delete data

If you wish to respond to this privacy and cookie policy or if you think that Otellu's actions are not in accordance with this, we ask you to contact us. You can contact Otellu for the above requests, questions, complaints or response via the email address: info@otellu.work.

10. Contact

Als je wenst te reageren op dit privacy- en cookiebeleid of als je vindt dat het handelen van Otellu hiermee niet in overeenstemming is, vragen we je contact op te nemen. Je kunt voor bovengenoemde verzoeken, vragen, klachten of reactie contact opnemen met Otellu via het e-mailadres: info@otellu.work.

11. Klachten

Wij wijzen je op de mogelijkheid om bij de Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens een klacht in te dienen over hoe wij met uw persoonsgegevens omgaan.

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