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The job platform for startups and scaleups that allow teams to grow without the noise. Optimize the hiring process with 80% by reviewing only relevant candidates.

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We don't define, we give the right direction

Imagine. Only relevant candidates.

Get away from loads of irrelevant applicants. Experience the pleasure of only reviewing the most relevant. Imagine the time this will save you.

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Scale faster

All-in-one platform

Attract only relevant talent with our platform and make the first step in your hiring cycle the best you’ve ever had. 

Create beautiful job posts

Make every job post irresistible for the right talent using beautiful content options.

Attract the right talent

After your job post, our A.I. will work to match the vacancy with relevant candidates.

Use our powerful features

Make the first step of your hiring as efficient as possible with our features.

machine learning

Hire smarter with our algorithm

Every vacancy classified with an accuracy of 95%. Our in-house developed algorithm based on Google's BERT model understands the entire context of the vacancy and only shows it to relevant candidates.

How it works.

The three steps of our matching algorithm.


Absorb content


Classify content


Send to the right candidates
import ML from 'otellu-ml';
//get content
const content = "As Sales Development Representative..."
//classify content
const classification = ML.classify(content)
//send to search

Compatible with your HR stack.

We’re fully compatible with all your tools. Use Otellu in combination with software you're already using, like ATS and pre-employment tools.


Let's go beyond.


Planning to place more than 5 vacancies, or want to take your hiring process to the next level with expert guidance? We can't wait to share what We've resend an verify code towards your email addresslearned about the future of hiring.

What's included

  • Amount of job slots based on your needs

  • Employer branding

  • Hiring strategy

Sounds interesting?

Get started from €380 per job post.

No creditcard needed, no additional costs, no starting fees.

Hire your talent abroad.

It doesn't matter whether you are looking for remote employees or people who are open to moving to the city you're established in right now. We've got you covered.


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Amsterdam - London - Barcelona - Paris - Berlin - Stockholm

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