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  • See info about your applicants and vacancies at a glance in our user-friendly dashboard
  • Visually stunning job posts
  • An ever-expanding list of free add-ons
  • Enjoy the full power of our advanced search and match technologies
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Planning to place more than 5 vacancies, or want to to take your hiring process to the next level with expert guidance? We can't wait to share what we've learned about the future of hiring.

What's included

  • Amount of job slots based on your needs

  • Employer branding

  • Hiring strategy

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Early bird plan

“The beginning is a delicate time.” - Dune, Frank Herbert

At Otellu, we respect the initial hustle and grind to make your companies’ dreams come true. That’s why we are offering our products to beginning start-ups at a significantly reduced rate. That way you can get your hiring right from the get-go.


  • Below 10 full-time employees

  • Pre series funding

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€200/job post

Add-on prices

Make vacancies fit your workflow and preferences. This is where we do our bleeding-edge development, and we are constantly creating new add-ons, both free and premium.

Soft skills

Test every applicant on the right soft skills.

Additional questions

Ask practical questions to every applicant when they apply.


Add a YouTube video into the job post.


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